What is radioSKYNET?

SKYNET was created for 90.3 WMSC to manage their Music Logs. The software is on this server, and accessible by any computer connected to the internet. It's free as in beer, so use it as much as you want, but don't expect the recipe :P

Why is radioSKYNET free and what is the catch?

Believing that the software was a great resource for any radio station, and the costs to maintain it so low, this service is offered for free to anyone who thinks they can use it. It takes us 15 minutes to add a new station so as long as you are going to use it, I have no problem letting you do so :)... The catch is that this software is perpetually being updated and changed (usually for the better), while 90.3 WMSC will always be testing the beta version, bugs may get through to the version that goes out to everyone else?

What can radioSKYNET do?

There is both a DJ and DIRECTOR version of this SKYNET software. SKYNET takes cares of the Music Logs, you can manage your station's Music Library, DJs can create and edit Show Bios, Report a Problem with the station's Directors. Directors can manage your websites Give-a-ways, News, and Top Lists. Everything can be searched or sorted by one or more of any thing in each of the databases. Everything can be exported to Excel, Word, CSV, XML or PDF. If you still use paper musiclogs to chart what used to take hours takes a few minutes.
For a more detailed look at radioSKYNET, check out the screen shot page...

When is the new version of radioSKYNET coming out?

The newest version is already out for Fall... Expect small changes and upgrades to take place over the next few months till the next big upgrade comes out....

Who's currently involved with radioSKYNET?

Anthony J Mennuti
Former GM
90.3 WMSC

Development and Beta Testing
Michael Stoppay
Tech Director
90.3 WMSC

Development and Coding
Staff and DJs
90.3 WMSC

Beta Testing

Who's been involved with radioSKYNET in the past?

Lisa Hresko
Former Music Director
90.3 WMSC

CMJ Music Marathon 2006
 Music Director's Panelist

Development and Beta Testing


Phone: (201) 400 6927 - Email: stoppay@gmail.com
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